Four Horny Gay Guys, One Fucked Fantasy

Duration: 17m, 13s, Starring Luciano, Luigi, Mauricio, Paolo Cortes

(168 Votes)

This gay porno might be a bit confusing as it jumps around, but it certainly has some of the ost intense sex scenes that you have ever seen. Luigi, Luciano, Paolo, and Mauricio all take a part in this sordid sex adventure. First there's a bit of hanky panky in the great outdoors, and next there's a steady bedroom scene that has the pair of them fucking away like it's the first time they've ever had gay sex. Finally there's a lot of cum getting sprayed around as these guys truly begin to enjoy each other.

Horny Gay Studs Fucking in the Woods

Duration: 18m, 17s, Starring Antonio, Luciano, Mauricio, Paolo Cortes

(217 Votes)

There's a lot going on in this hot gay porn scene. First you have Luciano and Paolo in the middle of the woods, and after a brief talk they end up getting it on in the high grass. They love feeling each other's tight bodies, and they certainly love the taste of cock in their mouth. Later on Mauricio and Antonio are banging each other in bed, that tight ass getting slammed so hard that it is stretched for weeks. Finally there's a solo masturbation scene, featuring an incredibly thick and sexy cock.

Shaved Headed Cocksucker Gags On Stiffy

Duration: 22m, 24s, Starring Luciano, Luigi, Mauricio, Paolo Cortes, Steve Masters

(231 Votes)

This hardcore gay scene begins with some steamy cocksucking in a warehouse. A shaven headed man gags on the dick that is being vigorously thrust in his mouth. His standing partner grips the shaven headed man by the back of the head, desperate for deeper penetration down the man's throat. No matter how much the shaven headed man coughs and splutters, he doesn't relent - until he fucks him in the ass, that is! Then he bends the cocksucker over and reams him painfully in his butthole, heedless of his partner's cries for mercy. That's got to be one painful and badly lubricated butt fucking! There are also a couple of other short fuck scenes.

Freaky Gay Porn Fantasies and Uncut Dick

Duration: 9m, 51s, Starring Mauricio, Paolo Cortes

(136 Votes)

Paolo and Maurcio start off with looks to be a normal gay porn scene, with Paolo and his uncut dick right in front of the camera, and Mauricio taking his photos. However it soon turns into one of the wildest gay pornos that you have ever seen, with intense masturbation, a bunch of random nuns (I told you it was fucking bizarre), and even more fucked up, a guy masturbating in what looks to be a mummy outfit. I don't know about you, but when I'm looking for some out of the box gay porno this scene certainly takes the cake.

Wild Gay Fantasies Lead to Masturbation

Duration: 11m, 48s, Starring Ed Miller, Mauricio, Paolo Cortes, Tyrone

(222 Votes)

This is a bit of an odd scene, as it bounces back and forth between a few different guys and memories. You'll see Tyrone, Paolo, Mauricio, and Ed Miller are featured in this scene, although Tyrone is the main one. As he thinks about some of the hottest shit you have ever seen, he starts rubbing at his cock, thrashing around in his bed. Later on he's in front of the photographer's lens, getting his thick dick photographed and filmed as he starts working it harder and harder. This is one wild fantasy scene that will have you going wild.

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