Underpants Gays Have A Hot Toilet Fuck

Duration: 31m, 19s, Starring Alan Csorba, Zoltan Kiraly

(321 Votes)

After a scintillating game of cards, a good-looking young man goes to the bathroom to recover. It's tiring and stressful work playing high-stakes card games and this guy needs some relief. Just as he has taken his cock out, another young man walks into the room, casting a lustful glance at the impressive cock. Soon the guys are kissing passionately and rubbing their pricks together, and then the new man drops to his knees to suck the first guy's prick. This turns in to some hardcore ass licking and gay anal sex in the bathroom, with the other players merely feet away through the bathroom door. That doesn't stop these guys!

The Guys Poker Night Gets Hardcore

Duration: 26m, 20s, Starring Michal Lukes, Pavel Ondek, Vit Pokorny

(206 Votes)

Vit Pokorny and Pavel Ondek were playing poker with Michal Lukes. The rules were simple. Loser gives the winners head. Michal didn't know how to play very well so it wasn't long until he had Vit's thick hog in his mouth. He sucked it good, giving him a nice wet blowjob then he moved on to Pavel and gave him his oral winnings. The guys laid Michal down on the table and Vit fucked him first while Pavel got head then they switched spots. The guys got every bit of their winnings out of his ass before pulling out and showering him with some nice hot jizz.

Young Gays Hook Up For Anonymous Anal

Duration: 18m, 39s, Starring Michal Pokorny, Vit Pokorny

(118 Votes)

Two good-looking young gay guys hook up at the bar. One of them has a shaved head while the other has a longer more preppy looking haircut. At first it looks like the guy with the shaved head is the submissive cocksucker of the two, as he immediately drops to his knees and begins working his buddy's pole. However, later on in the scene he takes control, first licking and sucking on his buddy's ass hole and then fucking it. The highlight of the scene is some hardcore doggystyle action as the long haired stud gets banged in his ass while bent over almost in two by the shaven headed men. It's really hot and hardcore gay anal sex!

Jockstrap Studs Have Hardcore Butt Sex

Duration: 17m, 5s, Starring Frantisek Kucera, Vojtech Dlansk

(114 Votes)

After a frustrating day, these horny European queers are ready to fuck and suck their problems away! One of the guys begins the clip wearing a bizarre PVC outfit, but soon both the guys exchange their threads for white underpants. It's obviously part of their private sexual ritual, and it looks hot in a kinky kind of way! They indulge in some hot mutual oral including 69ing on the bed. The guy who is on top dominantly thrusts his prick down the other man's throat. Then they reposition their underwear so that the guy on the bottom has his bunghole exposed. He gets a hardcore anal reaming from his buddy, almost crying from the pressure.

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