Secluded Hotel Has Lots of Gay Action

Duration: 22m, 58s, Starring Allan, Bruno

(896 Votes)

Allan and Bruno end up at this secluded, romantic hotel that is certainly the type that you would go to for a weekend getaway. It's a pretty extensive resort, and they start off by exploring. Soon enough though, Allan and Bruno break off by themselves in their rooms, and that's when they start getting passionate with each other. Bruno happens to be one of the room service guys, and he is wearing one wild outfit. He does end up being one entertaining fuck in bed, though. He takes a dick like no one I've ever seen.

Cute Black Amateur Guy Sucking Poolside

Duration: 19m, 26s, Starring Jonathan, Silverio

(148 Votes)

Jonathan is your typical poolside kind of guy - somewhat slender, very welcoming, with a dick that will make you look twice. Silverio, however, is the real star of this scene. He is a lighter black Brazilian that is dying for some white dick, so he smooth talks the poolboy into having lunch with him. I don't think either one of them ate a damn thing though, because Silverio just jumps out of the pool and starts kissing Jonathan. They end up completely wet and naked, fucking right by the pool. Now that's hot!

Amateur Gay Guys Fucking Outdoors

Duration: 21m, 51s, Starring Guilherme, Jackson

(228 Votes)

Guilherme and Jackson are your typical amateur guys - there isn't anything that really sets them apart from other guys that you see on a daily basis, but honestly that's part of the charm. These are guys that you could easily fuck yourself - and watching these two fuck is a very satisfying experience. I love watching this hilltop sex session, knowing that they could be found at any moment. They start out pretty slow, but once their dicks are both completely hard they just start erupting with passion.

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