Guy Needs An Ass Fucking From Neighbor

Duration: 15m, 1s, Starring Eric Carter, Titan

(425 Votes)

Tall, good-looking stud Titan goes to visit his neighbor Eric when he knows that Eric's wife is out. Although Eric is married, pretty much the whole neighbourhood knows that he swims both ways and that he sucks a great cock! At first, Eric doesn't seem too happy to see Titan, but he can't resist the chance to get a mouthful of hot cum! The guys take turns sucking each others' cocks and then Titan bends over, getting down on the floor and offering up his butt. He squeals as well hung Eric buggers him, hurriedly fucking his ass and then spunking on his ass, looking around the whole time to make sure that his wife isn't about to walk in.

Wank Session Turns To Mature Gay Anal

Duration: 15m, 21s, Starring Jay Richards, Rick Thomas

(229 Votes)

Mustache wearing stud Jay walks in to his friend Rick's room, busting his older, grey haired buddy right in the middle of an illicit masturbation session! Rick jumps away guiltily from his computer, trying to cover up the hardcore porn movies that he was watching. However, Jay is no fool, knowing exactly what is up! Rather than leaving discreetly, he simply drops to his knees and begins to blow his older friend! The oral is extensive and most of it happens in a 69 position on the floor as the guys cram their cocks down each others' throats. Then Jay bends over at the waist, begging his more muscular grey haired friend to pound his butt.

Two Gay Men Jerk Themselves Off

Duration: 7m, 37s, Starring Antonio Vegas, Sonny Diaz

(196 Votes)

A tanned, muscular gay man strips down to hop in the shower, he peruses a skin magazine and fantasizes about the men within. He dreams of licking an asshole before having his own ass pounded and he jerks off his own shaft. His thoughts shift to watching the porn star spank his own monkey. Both guys get more and more aggressive with their jerking off, getting closer and closer to exploding with orgasm. They drive themselves to the edge then they both go over at the same time cumming all over themselves.

Nice Relaxing Anal After Hard Day's Work

Duration: 15m, 34s, Starring Kevin Alexander, Vincent De

(236 Votes)

After a hard day at work, Vincent and Kevin relax on the couch with their arms around one another, flicking through a dirty porno magazine. Of course, this arouses their animal attraction for one another, and soon the magazine is lying discarded on the floor as the two men kiss one another. As their lips lock together and their tongues wrestle, they hurriedly tear off each other's clothes. Then Kevin goes down on Vincent, blowing him long and deep. He has got great deepthroating skills and he knows exactly what to do to get his long-term partner off! However, Vincent doesn't want to cum in Kevin's mouth - he bends him over and sodomises him!

Shy Geek Buggered By His Two Buddies

Duration: 22m, 6s, Starring Karl Thomas, Mark Ferris, Robby Taylor

(197 Votes)

This young geek is so shy that he has begun to think that he will never get a piece of ass! Instead, he spends all his time locked away in his room, submerging his own sexual desires by wasting his life painting models. However, his hobby is interrupted as his two buddies enter the room behind him, walking up and laying their hands on his shoulders. They spin him around in his chair, presenting him with their hard cocks! At first the nerd can't believe his eyes, but he seizes the opportunity, gobbling down both cocks right to the back of his throat. The two other men spend a pleasant afternoon fucking the sex starved geek in the ass!

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