Reality Gay Porno Straight for Gloryhole

Duration: 21m, 10s, Starring Ian Dane, Joey Jay

(268 Votes)

When you're shooting some reality porn, the best place for gay sex is going to be the glory holes no matter what. Ian Dane knows this, so after a few interludes here and there he ends up in the bathroom with Joey Jay. This is Joey's first time at the glory hole, so he is really excited about the entire thing. They make sure to start getting it on right away, and I was also pretty fucking shocked to see them both with cock rings. You almost never see cock rings in gay porn, so I could just imagine how much hotter this is.

Gay Gloryhole Fun In The Park

Duration: 21m, 9s, Starring Dakota Holt, Peter Long

(267 Votes)

Peter Long followed Dakota Holt into the Park's public bathroom. They went into the stalls and a minute later Dakota saw Peter's long dick slide through the gloryhole. He fell to his knees and started sucking on it and got Peter rock hard then Dakota stood up, pulled his pants down and backed up against that dick. He buried the hard cock in his tight ass and started thrusting back and forth on it, impaling himself and riding that dick. When he felt Peter's cock start to throb Dakota jumped off it, went to his knees and stroked it until he came all over Dakota's chest.

Gay Reality Porn with Glory Hole Sex

Duration: 22m, 37s, Starring Ariel Santos, Drew Daniels

(315 Votes)

Drew Daniels is the type of guy that just loves for meeting up with people in the glory hole bathroom, and Ariel Santos comes on by to really make his day. They start off with a long and succulent dick sucking through the glory hole, but Drew comes around the stall to just push Ariel on the ground and pounds the hell out of his ass. He keeps on going so hard that his balls are slapping against his ass. It's so loud that you could probably hear it down the block. They keep moaning louder and louder.

Roadside Pickup Leads to Gay Sex

Duration: 22m, 11s, Starring Jasper Collins, Rick Coy

(233 Votes)

Jasper Collins as as horny as they get - he is working his dick in the car before he even gets to the bathroom where Rick Coy is waiting for him. They aren't going for a glory hole though - they just go right in the stall and start in on each other. They love to work on that dick, and although there is a glory hole in the bathroom with them they only use it for a few minutes. I guess the face to face contact is what these two are really looking for in their gay bathroom sex encounter - I know I love watching it.

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