Slave Gets Fucked Hard By His Master

Duration: 26m, 20s, Starring Adam, John

(11 Votes)

We start off with a master and a slave and the save is sucking on the masters dick good and hard. The slave continues to suck on the masters dick until the master tells them otherwise. They stop quickly then the slave starts sucking on the masters dick again. He sucks on his masters dick for a good long long time. Then the master gets behind his slave and starts fucking him in the ass good and hard. He then has the slave climb on top and start riding him with his ass good and hard as well. Then they're both laying sideways and the master continues to fuck the slave good and hard, until the master pulls out and cums all over the slaves asshole

Master And Slave Go At It Hard Core

Duration: 25m, 39s, Starring Chris, Gene

(15 Votes)

We start off with one guy, on a bed, who's just kind of looking at his soft dick, touching it when he is joined by another guy, a master, and has a leather blind fold put on him and a belt. He is now the slave. The master bends him over and starts rubbing his ass. He then has his slave suck on his cock, which the slave eagerly does for a good long while. After a bit the master bends the slave over and starts fingering his asshole. He then sticks his own dick in there and starts fucking his slaves ass good and hard. He continues to fuck him good and hard from behind for a while before he flips him over and starts fucking him that way.

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