Man Falls In Love With Sweet Brown Lover

Duration: 18m, 46s, Starring Brett Collins, Dirk Adams

(213 Votes)

This muscular European stud goes on holiday in South America. At the resort he is staying it, he manages to score himself a gorgeous local boy. He falls in love with the sweet brown skinned hunk, spending every single day with his new lover. One day the horny couple are in the pool, relaxing in the sunlight, when they begin to kiss passionately. His brown skinned boy reaches forward and grabs the white man's cock, massaging it through his shorts. The man sits on the edge of the pool while his brown skinned lover goes down on him, eagerly fellating that hot stiff cock. They move inside so that they can finish the job anally.

Horny Gay Hunks in Romantic Fuck

Duration: 19m, 14s, Starring Kirk Kelley, Marco Paris

(140 Votes)

A fireplace is one of the most romantic spots in the world to have sex, and for Kirk Kelley and Marco Paris they just go at it with so much passion that it would almost make you want to join right in with them. They start getting nasty with each other, kissing up and down each other's bare skin, going up and down each other's chests. This is a wonderfully romantic time, but it is also about to end up being one very kinky time as well. They moan so loud when they start riding cock that I had to cum along with them.

Big Dick Euro Guys Getting Gay

Duration: 17m, 39s, Starring Ryan Scott, Seth Dickens

(139 Votes)

Seth Dickens and Ryan Scott are two Euro gay guys that are packing some rather impressive dicks in their pants. The scene starts off with some very impressive dick sucking - it's not flashy or fast, but it's good old solid slurping that will make you want to cum in your pants right there and then. They do end up exploring each other's tight asses, but that takes a bit longer to get to - all of it is damn hot to watch. I love watching them going at it, slowly getting closer and closer to an explosive orgasm.

Geeky Guy Has His First Anal Experience

Duration: 25m, 49s, Starring Adrian Troy, Henry Lepain

(114 Votes)

The gay stud in the dorm has got his sights set on a geeky guy with a curly hair. At first, the guys just relax on the couch together, and then the stud leans over to give his friend's cock a little rub. The geek looks around, worried that someone will find them in the middle of a homosexual cocksucking experience, but the stud pushes ahead, overcoming his buddy's objections with his hot lips and tongue. These two queers end up sucking each other off on the couch, and then the geeky guy bends over, willingly pulling his ass cheeks apart in order to get sodomised. He moans while his virgin anus gets torn apart by his friend's thrusting.

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