Politician Getting His Rocks Off With His Aid

Duration: 17m, 59s, Starring Dino Phillips, Seth Black

(419 Votes)

Seth Black took the job working for Dino Phillips because he understood it would be a good learning experience in politics. A solid intern job over the summer is hard to find in their little town, so he jumped at the chance, not knowing that Dino was hiring him for other reasons. Dino's had an eye on Seth for a solid year, and getting him to work at his office would mean that he could keep an eye on his sweet ass all the time. It's not all her wants to do to his ass though, and when he finally gets him alone, Dino takes full advantage!

Two Gay Politicians Blowing Smoke Up Their Asses

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring Jeff Mitchell, Sweet Williams

(320 Votes)

Sweet Williams was not named for his demeanor. He was never a kind man, but he keeps his smile white like a sharks. It's what keeps his head above water in the politics game. Jeff Mitchell is really just here to learn the ropes, but Sweet has something else in mind for this new meat. Rather than put him through the grinder at the central office on phones and going door to door, he's decided to keep him all to himself in his own office. That way he'll have a sweet young ass to pound out his frustrations on!

Horny Gay Politicians Hide Their Illicit Man on Man Affair

Duration: 19m, 56s, Starring Dan Dixon, Patrick Ives

(849 Votes)

Patrick Ives and Dan Dixon are taking it to the office and then some, going in to the high ranking official meeting room in their power suits, and then giving in to their carnal desires. The combination is as hot as it is electrifying, especially when they start with the giving head. It's a rather lusty time for these guys, leading them to just go absolutely crazy as they get harder and harder with each other, so close to losing their minds to the pleasure that they aren't able to control themselves at all.

The Government Proving It Fucks Everyone

Duration: 16m, 47s, Starring Dino Phillips, Leo Masters

(300 Votes)

Taking a job as a page sounded like the best way to get into the political landscape and get an idea of how things worked. Dino Philips had no idea what he was really getting into with Leo Masters though. Leo loves man-ass, it's the reason he got into politics in the first place. Where else would Leo find such ample opportunity to fuck people in the ass all day long? And when Dino arrives as his personal page Leo knows he's going to have a great year of butt-fucking, both real and metaphorically!

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