Arabian Lord Watches His Submissive Slaves Fuck Each Other

Duration: 30m, 20s, Starring Luciano Endino, Ray Phillips, Tony Magera

(221 Votes)

In this erotic threesome, an Arabian lord lies idly on his bed, fanned by one of his slaves. He feels a stirring in his pants that needs to be satisfied, so he calls in two of his submissive harem members, who both get down on their knees and blow their master. Then, the lord lies back and watches appreciatively, stroking his own dick as his two subjects get nasty with each other on the floor at his feet. They pound each other deep in the ass, with their master getting closer and closer to orgasm finally he takes over the ass pumping duties to finish himself off, getting himself to the point of climax in his slave's butt.

Four Gorgeous And Very Muscular Guys In Fuck And Suck Orgy

Duration: 27m, 54s, Starring Dragan Cszerny, Fernando Nielsen, Rick Perry, Ron Miller

(571 Votes)

If you love muscular jocks, this scene is going to drive you over the edge! In this video four gorgeous and extremely muscular guys get it on in fine foursome fashion. There is a period Arabic theme going through the video, with the king watching his subjects pleasuring each other for his enjoyment - and then joining in the fun for some extreme cocksucking and ass fucking fun! These four guys rotate partners several times, each man getting a turn to suck some dick and also to get his own prick worked by another gorgeous and muscular stud. Of course, with four guys in the video, there are also four explosive cumshots - they all get sprayed!

Four Arabian Courtiers Indulge In A Sticky No Condom Orgy

Duration: 20m, 32s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Gilbert Bosco, Jack Laurel, Nico Luccini

(394 Votes)

In this stylized period piece, we go behind the scenes of an Arabian court. Four gorgeous courtiers, all of whom have got absolutely insane bodies that look like they were toned with many long hours in the gym, get naked and have a hardcore anal and oral fuck orgy on the gorgeous Persian carpets. Each one of these guys is sexier than the last - if you like your guys muscular and hairless, these guys will make you blow your load super fast! There are also a variety of hairstyles on offer, from long and luxurious tresses to masculine shaved heads - but all of the cocks are truly superb! And of course, there isn't a condom to be seen!

Arabian Nobles Share A Muscle Stud's Tight Young Ass Hole

Duration: 19m, 14s, Starring August Habarcs, Fabrice Felder, Fred Goldsmith

(190 Votes)

If you know anything about Arabian history, you are no doubt aware that in ancient times, anal sex was the way to go! Unlike today, there was nothing socially taboo in wanting to hit a hot body stud right in the ass. That's exactly what happens in this period scene, with a couple of nobles inviting a lowly courtier in to their back chamber - so they can hit him in the back chamber! It turns out that their muscle stud is eager to get fucked in both his mouth and his butt, aggressively riding his masters' pricks with his sphinc while he jerks his own impressively sized meat. He really is a star performer - he loves the spotlight and the cum!

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