Cocksucker Surprised By Size Of Big Knob

Duration: 21m, 47s, Starring Brett Dimineo, Jason Sizemore

(507 Votes)

This is just one of those videos that goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover - you never know the size of the whopper a man might have in his pants! These two young gay men are having their first fuck together, and submissive blond cocksucker Jason can't wait to see what brunette stud Brett is packing. He is momentarily speechless when Brett pulls down his boxer shorts and exposes his enormous prick - Brett is quite a slender guy, and you'd never expect that he had a manhood that was over 9 inches long! Once Jason recovers from his shock, he can't wait to lower his face to the pole and start working it with his mouth.

Blond Twink Loves Getting It Up The Ass

Duration: 16m, 11s, Starring Lexx Parker, Steve O'Donnell

(244 Votes)

In this hot dorm room fuck movie, a good-looking football stud has seduced a pretty young blond twink. The video gets straight into the action, with the blond twink sucking on his senior boyfriend's big prick, showing remarkable aptitude for slurping down the meat despite his youth. Then it's anal sex time, with the twink lying back and spreading his own ass cheeks while his friend spits on his ring piece and then slides the head of his erect, already lubricated, schlong into the butthole. This young twink loves getting it hard in the ass, rolling over so he is on top, so that he can grind his tight sphincter on the hard man meat.

White On Latino Interracial Anal Fuck

Duration: 22m, 9s, Starring Cameron Fox, Sal Correlli

(401 Votes)

In this gay household, it's never too early to get your fuck on! Caucasian stud Cameron Fox is getting a drink of orange juice in the kitchen, completely naked, when he hears a wolf whistle from behind. It's his roommate, Latina stud Sal Correlli, who is sitting there stroking his erect cock! Cameron abandons his breakfast and starts to suck on his Latino friend's big schlong, with his fuck buddy returning the favor. Then the Latino fuck slut bends over and exposes his hairy ass hole to get fingered and then fucked by his Caucasian pal. The two men end up jerking off all over each others' dribbling, rock hard schlongs!

Hot Shower Blow Job Turns To Ass Licking

Duration: 17m, 20s, Starring Andy Hunter, Luke Pearson

(176 Votes)

Good-looking young studs Andy and Luke are enjoying some sunbathing and nude swimming in the pool. They head indoors to take a shower, and the chemistry in the air is electric! These dudes can't keep their eyes off each other, so Luke just turns around and shows his enormous whopper to young Andy, who is sitting there stroking his meat. Andy gets on his knees and starts to suck the pole, with Luke spinning around and presenting his ass hole to his new friend, urging him to lick it. The dudes go back outdoors, with Andy lying on his back on a reclining chair while Luke hits him in the rear end, heedless of what the neighbors might see!

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