Paul Morgan Masturbating in Mirror

Duration: 22m, 44s, Starring Paul Morgan

(186 Votes)

It doesn't matter where you go when you're as hot as Paul Morgan, if you start playing with you junk someone is going to find out and help you with it. He starts messing with his balls in front of a mirror, with his cock gradually getting harder and harder as he goes. He moves his underwear off to the side and brings out his full dick, but it turns out that his low moaning has been heard by someone else in the house. His roommate comes over and is happy to help out, his own dick getting hard as a rock at the thought of this tryst.

Patrick Studds Gets Sucked off in Shower

Duration: 16m, 44s, Starring Patrick Studds

(206 Votes)

Patrick Studds is in the mood for some loving, but he doesn't have anyone around to help him out. That doesn't bother him at all, as he just grabs onto his dick and starts working it after he gets a shower. His roommate figures out what he's up to, though, so it's time for a hot man love fest that has his cute, twinky roommate getting down on his knees and taking his entire cock in his mouth right away. Apparently his roommate has plenty of sucking skills, as he's getting weak at the knees after he starts.

Hot Gay Underwear Model Gets Dick Sucked

Duration: 22m, 57s, Starring Tony West

(116 Votes)

Tony West is a male underwear model who is hanging out, relaxing a bit and enjoying the photo shoot. Once they go on break he takes a few minutes to himself, but he finds out that his photographer has something completely different in mind. His modeled underwear comes off and he finds himself getting his dick sucked. His photographer is rather skilled when it comes to the cock gobbling arts, and he's hard pressed to not just bust a nut in his face once he latches onto that dick and starts sucking away.

Horny Gay Businessman Caught Whacking It

Duration: 19m, 2s, Starring Paul Morgan, Reed Parker

(367 Votes)

Reed Parker is working on a damn boring expense report that he just can't keep his mind on. One thing leads to another and his hand is drifting down into his pants. His coworker, Paul Morgan, catches him in the act. It's kind of hard to act casual when you were about two seconds away from busting a nut, but it looks like everything is going to turn out okay for Reed. He gets treated to a bent over butt fucking that has him spraying cum all over the place, with his ass stretched out and well satisfied in no time flat.

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