Lusty Blond Pegs Her Husband's Ass

Duration: 17m, 37s, Starring Sharon Kane

(263 Votes)

Have you ever heard of pegging? It has to do with a strap on and a man's ass - and you could not believe how amazing it is to watch. Sharon Kane just so happened to have a craving to do this kind of thing, so after her pussy gets nice and wet she turns the tables on her husband and whips out the strap on. She is really dying to pound it into his ass, and you could not imagine how much he loved it too. Of course I know I loved all the lingerie going on in this scene - she is sporting pantyhose though most of it.

Naughty Couple Exploring Bisexual Sex

Duration: 21m, 32s, Starring Sharon Kane, Dereck Ivy

(96 Votes)

Sharon Kane and Dereck Ivy have been having a bit of a slump in their relationship - so they decided to try out a true bisexual threesome to see if that could spice things up. They invited over a friend and got to work. Luckily they were all very open minded, so while Sharon got her fill of both dicks Dereck also managed to get some cock play going on. I foresee this couple having a lot more of these in the future - they really seemed like they liked it, at least judging by all of the wild noises that this chick ended up making.

Bisexual Threesome in an Unusual Place

Duration: 19m, 50s, Starring Busty Belle, Danny Pitt

(97 Votes)

So it looks like this bisexual threesome is starting in some sort of a church setting. This is the kind of thing that really makes you think like you're going to hell, but hey - it does make for a good porn setting. Busty Bele and Danny Pitt take turns sucking at this dick, although I'm still not quite sure why the one guy is wearing stockings. I can't say I can really complain - it's strangely hot, that little bit of crossdressing. I do know that the entire scene is very surreal and could easily be labeled under very bizarre sex.

Naughty Threesome is True Bisex Sex

Duration: 21m, 2s, Starring Sharon Kane, Steven Corp

(244 Votes)

Sharon Kane, Steven Corp, and his guy friend are in the mood for something different - something truly bisexual. Now I know you've been screwed over before with bisexual threesomes that have the guys never touching each other, but this one is certainly not the type of thing that ends up like that. Hell no - the guys are touching the girl, the girl is touching the guys, and the guys are especially touching the guys. Now that is a formula for a perfect threesome, now isn't it? I know I love it and will watch it every chance I get.

Bisexual Threesome with Bodybuliders

Duration: 23m, 47s, Starring Busty Belle, Scott Honn

(65 Votes)

Now this is a niche I don't think I've ever heard of - bisexual bodybuilders. The girl in the middle isn't all that muscular, but she is flexible so I guess she's just the gymnast in this equation. Her name is Busty Belle, and she has no problem talking Scott Honn and his friend into fucking both her and each other right there and then. I don't know if a gym is really appropriate for a porno, but you know what - these athletic hotties really made it work, and just blew my mind with all of the positions they got in.

Adventurous Couple Try Bi Sex Threesome

Duration: 15m, 32s, Starring Christy Marrit, Shawn Peak

(168 Votes)

A girlfriend and boyfriend are lying in bed one day when they hear a knock on the door. Their smiling room mate enters, wearing nothing but a smile and gripping his thick cock in his hand. The couple welcome him into their bed, lying in a circle with him for a circle jerk of oral sex. Then, the couple lie together in missionary position with the guy on top. The room mate lies on top of him, sliding his prick into the guy's ass and the threesome all pump together. This is some serious action, as the deep thrusting of the guy on top into the other guy's anus leads him to thrust extremely deep into his girlfriend's pussy.

Dirty Whore Shared By Bisexual Cowboys

Duration: 25m, 41s, Starring Sharon Kane, Jake Doe

(131 Votes)

Two cowboys share a hot blond in the barn in this sexy threesome clip. The guys are competing for the woman, and at first one guy just grabs her, sticking his tongue down her throat and kissing her roughly. Then he pushes her down onto her knees and she takes his rock hard prick in her mouth and begins to suck. The other cowboy looks on, rubbing his thick cock through his jeans. He kisses the woman, tasting his friend's cock on her breath and then pushes her down into the doggystyle position. He drills her from behind, slamming her hard in her tight cunt while the other cowboy jerks off all over her. Finally he spunks on her face.

Husband Gets Fucked While Fucking Wife

Duration: 30m, 33s, Starring Sharon Kane, Alex Monroe

(186 Votes)

A husband and wife couple are joined by by another guy for some hot threesome action. Although the wife is hoping for a double penetration, that's not what she gets - instead, the husband gets a taste of hard anal sex! The wife begins by giving both guys a sloppy blow job, but it soon becomes apparent that the new guy is more interested in the husband's ass than in her pussy. While the husband and wife are fucking, the new guy slides in behind the husband, spitting on his ass hole and sliding his cock in while hubbie moans and his dick trembles inside his wife's vagina. Soon the air is filled with the moans of all three sexual participants.

Seductive Vixen Getting Two Dicks

Duration: 22m, 52s, Starring Rebecca Steel, Brandon Lick, Johnny Guitar

(46 Votes)

Rebecca Steel certainly knows how to talk a guy into really falling into her trap - but when she's feeling really adventurous, she manages to talk two guys into it. Johnny Guitar and Brandon Lick aren't going to turn down a woman like Rebecca when she asks for a hot fuck - in fact they were nearly jumping up and running into the bedroom by the time she got done asking. She uses her gloved hands to great effect, just running her fingers up and down their faces and bodies and really driving them crazy that they drill her hard.

Bisexual Guys Share A Busty Brunette Ho

Duration: 25m, 2s, Starring Saki St. Jermaine, Johnny Guitar

(82 Votes)

Two horny guys meet up with a seductive brunette at a bar and retire to the back room for some horny suck and fuck action. Things begin standardly enough, as the woman gives both guys are blow job and then bends over on all fours. One guy hits her vagina, doggystyle, while the other guy keeps on fucking her mouth with his cock. Halfway through, however, one guy walks up behind the other and slips his cock into his rear end! You get this incredible threesome scene, with the woman being penetrated doggystyle, and the guy who is fucking her getting fucked in his own ass hole. This is some extremely powerful bisexual pornography!

Virile Cowboys Fuck A Busty Asian Hooker

Duration: 15m, 26s, Starring Saki St. Jermaine, Johnny Guitar

(93 Votes)

Two horny bisexual cowboys hook up with a slutty Asian woman in a barn for a hot threesome. This babe has got massive tits and they jiggle up and down nicely while she is getting fucked. To kick things off, however, she gives both guys a sloppy blow job. Then the older cowboy encourages the younger one to fuck the sexy babe in her pussy. The older guy wraps his arms around his younger companion and dry humps him from behind while his friend thrusts in the woman's cunt. Finally the woman takes a mouthful of cowboy cum and then the older guy jacks himself off while watching and his friend and the Asian babe play with each other.

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