White Stud Pleasured By Ethnic Sucker

Duration: 15m, 5s, Starring Robert Marc, Sid Rosellini

(65 Votes)

This great white explorer has managed to score himself a young brown guy for his devious pleasure. He kicks off the scene sitting back like an emperor in the legacy of his white imperialist forefathers while the young black tongues and slurps on his cock and balls. The ethnic male's thick lips are perfect for cocksucking and he also proved to be an enthusiastic bottom. The white Alpha male takes him doggystyle on the bed in the hut. Once he has tired, he lies back and relaxes while the sprightly Negro vigorously works his cock with his ass while he rides it. The white man has never felt pleasure like this before and shoots like a fountain.

Interracial Gay Action At The Pool

Duration: 8m, 23s, Starring Robert Marc, Tom Ranson

(59 Votes)

Robert Marc and Tom Ransom were at the poll where Robert was sucking on Tom's long white dick He sucked the dick and got Tom rock hard then Tom bent Robert over and fucked him from behind. He drilled that black ass with a smile. He grabbed his shoulders and fucked him hard, his balls slapping against Robert's taint. The two got out of the pool and Tom pressed him up against the fence and and hammered that ass like he was mad at it. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and shot his hot load all over Robert's well fucked ass.

Horny Gay White Guys Fucking Outdoors

Duration: 11m, 12s, Starring Sean Diamond, Sid Rosellini

(103 Votes)

Gay sex in the great outdoors is always fun to see - especially when it has hunky hotties like Sid Rosellini and Sean Diamond. I just love watching these well muscled hunks in action, especially when they start leaning back among all the foliage and start getting into things. I don't know how they found such a perfect little private spot to fuck out, but it looks like the most romantic area you could possibly find. The dick sucking is really intense, but when they start riding each other - you're going to have to grab the tissues asap for that.

Some Vaction Fucking Is Always Fun

Duration: 17m, 47s, Starring Max Flynn, Robert Marc

(94 Votes)

Max Flynn was on vacation and met a hot Latin guy named Robert Mac. The two hung out for the day then ended up back and Max's hotel room where he didn't waste any time rubbing on Robert and feeling his thick prick. Robert pulled Max's cock out and went down on him, deep throating his long meat stick then Robert bent over and let Max drive that meat stick home. He drilled into Robert's ass with a vengeance, pounding him like there was no tomorrow then finally when he couldn't hold out a second longer he pulled out and busted a nut all over Robert's chest.

Blond Island Boys Playing with Dick

Duration: 14m, 26s, Starring Babaji, Craig Summer

(58 Votes)

Craig Summer and Babaji are the types of guys that you would expect to see off surfing or tanning on the beach or something along those lines. You know what they're actually doing, though? That's right, they are totally sucking dick and having a ton of fun with each other. I really dig the guy that starts off the cocksucking, because that beard is right out there and really gives him a unique look. Plus I bet it tickles the other guy's balls as he goes all the way down that shaft to taste that dick.

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