Horny Pool Boy Has Quick Wank At Work

Duration: 6m, 26s, Starring Ryan Strong

(233 Votes)

Have you ever fantasised about your pool boy? Then you'll love this hot solo gay masturbation movie! It begins with pool attendant Ryan Strong playing with the hose, pretending it's his penis and that he is squirting into the swimming pool. He realises that he has grown a oversize erection, so he sits down on a chair in the sun. Having a quick look around to make sure that there is no one watching, he unzips his pants and begins to stroke himself. He gets so horny that he gets completely naked except for his socks and shoes. He's got a great body and an excellent dong, surrounded by a thick patch of ebony pubic hair - very hot!

Muscle Bound Cowboys Oral 69 In Hay Barn

Duration: 17m, 50s, Starring Frank Ruffner, John Michael, Sammy Sanchez

(131 Votes)

A young and good-looking cowboy is taught the intricacies of oral sex by an older stud in this hot clip. The two muscle bound men get naked with each other in the hay barn, with the older stud pushing the younger man down to his knees and slipping his penis down his throat. At first the younger man is unsure about how to work the prick with his mouth, but he soon gains expertise under the expert tuition of his new man. The guys swap around several times, even lying on their sides on the ground so that they can both suck each other at the same time in a sideways 69. The horny western studs jack off over each others' stomachs and cocks.

Horny Cocksucker Loves The Ass Pumping

Duration: 15m, 13s, Starring Jeff Edwards, Kurt Storm

(114 Votes)

This horny college aged gay guy just can't get enough dick! The scene opens on his blond head as it bobs up and down on his boyfriend's cock. One look at his face and you know that this guy really adores sucking cock, as he lovingly deepthroats the bone. Then he gets on top, straddling his partner's prick and impaling himself anally on the shaft. He fucks his partner face-to-face, looking deeply into his eyes as he takes his prick in his rear end. The horny homo also takes it doggy style and then face-to-face in missionary position. The guys jack off over each other to conclude this hot anal scene. Don't you wish you could get fucked?

Innocent Nerd Loses His Anal Virginity

Duration: 16m, 27s, Starring Kurt Storm, Tyler Douglas

(200 Votes)

The bad boy in school has managed to score himself an eager young nerd, keen to lose his anal virginity to the big dick stud. The bad boy lies back like a king while the younger lad, his hair in a respectable part, goes down on him. It's his first time sucking the cock but he does admirably well, obviously having watched a lot of gay porno in his time. Then the bad ass dude bends the young geek over, sticking a finger in his butthole to loosen him up. The geek squeals, jacking himself off while the bad boy fills his crack up with the thick cock. It's super sexy as the nerdy boy gets roughly anally reamed by the merciless fucker.

Cowboy Finally Feels Anal Penetration

Duration: 16m, 49s, Starring Frank Ruffner, John Michael

(160 Votes)

This cowboy was finally going to get his fantasies cumming true, as he ponders what it would feel like to get his ass slammed by a real cowboy. He visits the grainery, and has someone there waiting to give him a package. He gets on his knees and immediately goes after his prick, bobbing his head up and down to make it as erect as possible. The hairy cowboy takes his swollen prick and stuffs it all the way into his ass, giving him that instant gratification that he had been seeking. By the sound of it, I don't think he thought it would feel that good to get fucked in the ass, or to cum from the sensation of being slammed.

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