Twins Switch For A Good Gay Blowjob

Duration: 14m, 1s, Starring Daniel Lautrec, Jean Lautrec, Glenn Santoro, Helmut Muller

(341 Votes)

The boss of the factory found out that there's a worker that looks just like him in the factory. So when he comes up with the plan to change clothes and see what it's like to be in the other person's role for the day, the boss becomes the worker, and the worker gets to be boss. That comes with some perks to the job apparently, as when the secretary comes in to report for duty, he drops down to his knees and starts sucking off the twin. That's a benefit you won't see on any employee manual. He gives such good head that he jerks off and blows his load all over himself. He better get cleaned up before the real boss comes in and finds out!

Horny Gay Threesome in the Warehouse

Duration: 21m, 2s, Starring Daniel Lautrec, Julian Veneziano, Peter Stallion

(407 Votes)

It's hard to say what goes on after hours when big, strapping men are doing inventory - but it turns out that we're about to find out. Daniel Lautrec, Julian Veneziano, and Peter Stallion are hanging around the warehouse after hours - and after a few minutes they end up fucking each other. Of course it comes after a quick fight and a lot of talk about fucking, and they end up entwined in a gay threesome right on the floor of the warehouse. I love watching them kiss each other and grab at their crotches.

Gay Office Sex Threesome on the Floor

Duration: 24m, 6s, Starring Rogerio Mateo, Daniel Lautrec, Mario McCabe, Evan Rochelle

(268 Votes)

Rogerio Mateo, Daniel Lautrec, and Mario McCabe are not exactly the hardest workers when it comes to his job - but they certainly are the hardest workers with it comes to a dick. The scene starts with one of them sucking off another tight bodied hottie through a corrugated steel wall with a window cut out - and the dick sucking is just delicious. Evan Rochelle ends up finding out what's going on in the office as well, and this scene ends up becoming one truly incredible gay group sex scene. Hooray for people bored at work and horny!

Gay Euro Hotties Balls to the Wall Sex

Duration: 22m, 19s, Starring Daniel Lautrec, Jean Lautrec, Glenn Santoro, Austin Rogers

(397 Votes)

Daniel Lautrec and Jean Lautrec must never find time to get work done - they are always rubbing all over each other - of course with the way they look in overalls, I could understand how they are walking around with constant boners. I didn't think anyone could make work overalls sexy, but these two manage it. They strip down out of them to reveal nicely build bodies and big cocks - and before long they are on the cold floor going to town. Glenn Santoro an Austin Rodgers pop in at the end, but don't get any action going here.

Gay Blue Collar Guys in Threesome

Duration: 21m, 7s, Starring Daniel Lautrec, Jean Lautrec, Helmut Muller

(574 Votes)

Daniel, Jean and Helmut are relaxing after a long day at work. Before long they end up talking about fucking each other. They are pressed together in a rather small office. One of the guys gets up on the desk so that his dick is in the perfect position to get fucked, while the other is on the ground and the third is sitting on the chair, again for optimal dick sucking position. They just get so fucking kinky in this threesome before long.

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