Gay Leather and Bondage Fuck Fest

Duration: 29m, 53s, Starring Herr Luchador, Herr Slave, Jacob Scott, James Jordan

(384 Votes)

Herr Slave, Jacob Scott, James Jordan, and Herr Luchador all share one thing in common - they pounding love gay rough sex of all sorts. I don't think you've lived until you have seen a gay bondage vid, so you really need to tune in to this one to see what all they are cooking up for this movie. First one of the studs gets completely tied down so that he is helpless in their hands, wondering what is about to happen to his dong and balls. Then the rest of the dudes come in and have their way with their tied down friend.

Fetish Leather Gays in Dungeon

Duration: 15m, 6s, Starring Jacob Scott, James Jordan, Rogerio Mateo

(286 Votes)

If you love leather and latex, this is going to be a great gay porn scene for you. There is a ton of fetish elements in this one, from the skin tight leather to the paddles. Plus it takes place in a dungeon, so you can't get much more fetish than that. Jacob Scott and Rogerio Mateo are dominating poor James Jordan, who is face down on one rather odd table. His ass is getting spanked nice and hard, while his dick and alls are getting fondled nice and slow. He does end up taking a deep dicking after getting all sorts of shit shoved in his ass.

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