Anal Hit Man Takes Out A Tight Target

Duration: 18m, 44s, Starring Cody Fields, Paul Morgan

(323 Votes)

Anal hit man Paul Morgan is staking out a potential target, and he makes contact with him in a deserted alley. The subject, Cody Fields, is brought to an empty warehouse and is bent over while his pants and underwear are pulled down. Paul fingers Cody's tight asshole, and he shoves a cucumber up Cody's butt. Paul then fucks Cody up the ass doggy style, and Paul drops to his knees to suck Cody's hard cock. After much fucking and sucking, Cody finally blows his load all over Paul for a messy facial.

Intruder Ass Fucked In Filthy Alleyway

Duration: 20m, 26s, Starring Leo Masters, Paul Carrigan

(200 Votes)

When this stud catches a stranger hanging around in the alleyway down the side of his house, he knows exactly what to do. He roughly pushes the intruder down the alleyway where no one can see, pressing him face first up against the wall and pulling down his trousers. He roughly bends the interloper over, fingering his ass hole and fucking him with a garden implement that happens to be at hand. Noticing how easily the tool slides in to the guy's butt, he soon follows this with his big cock, using only a thin trail of spittle as lubrication. When he is about to cum, he rams his filthy penis into the intruder's mouth and explodes.

White Gay Guys Love A Big Black Ass

Duration: 18m, 34s, Starring Brad, Winston Love

(305 Votes)

A super gay blond guy is out trolling for some man box, it has been too long since he had a piece of ass. He comes across a topless black man who is obviously having car troubles. He can't resist jumping him and groping his round ass. They go back to his garage and he yanks his pants down sliding a few fingers into his tight chocolate hole. He lubes up his ass and his own hard white boner then bends him over the car and rams his cock into his ass. After getting his fill of the chocolate ass, he kneels down to taste his sweet dark meat, swallowing his warm white spunk.

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