Ranch Hands Have Anal Sex In The Barn

Duration: 15m, 31s, Starring Blain Baxter, Dillion Daily

(242 Votes)

In the heat of a country afternoon, two studly farmhands sneak off into the barn for some quick suck and fuck action. The other ranch hands would be shocked if they knew that they had two raving homosexuals in their midst, but these guys really need to get their rocks off! They pull off each others' jeans and shirts, and take turns sucking each other off until their cocks are rock hard and ready for action. Then one guy pushes the other up against the wall, spreading his ass cheeks and plunging his prick right inside that tight sphincter. The guy moans while his ass gets pumped, jerking himself off while he gets deep fucked.

Young Queer Initiated Into Ass Pounding

Duration: 17m, 51s, Starring Ricky Hanson, Scott Williams, Troy Masters

(124 Votes)

These college frat boys really know how to get filthy! Two horny homosexual studs have decided to initiate a third man into the ways of ass licking and butt fucking. They sit on either side of him on the couch, initially making him feel uncomfortable with their proximity. Then they both lean over to kiss him and nibble his neck, with one guy reaching over to massage his cock through his jeans. He is gratified to feel his buddy's pole growing rigid in his palm. The two guys strip off, taking turns to suck each others' cocks. Then the new guy gets bent over and has his ass licked by both gentlemen until it is slippery their saliva.

Cock Loving Old Man Wanks A Young Dude

Duration: 16m, 21s, Starring Brett Darwin, Jay Richards

(117 Votes)

This guy is sitting quietly in the corner of the diner, feeling so horny that he just can't contain himself. Thinking that no one is looking, he unzips his pants and pulls out his hard cock, beginning to masturbate. Unbeknownst to him, the older owner of the diner has noticed, and sneaks up behind to watch. Reaching through the service hatch, the owner grabs the young man's cock and begins to jerk it himself. The young man is shocked at first, but he soon welcomes the excellent blowjob that the older man delivers. The two horny gays spend some quality time sucking each others' cocks and then they take turns fucking each other up the ass.

Gay Man Splattered By Two Messy Loads

Duration: 21m, 46s, Starring Chett Addams, Ty Grimaldi, Wicked

(49 Votes)

Isn't it so sweet when good friends cum together! This dirty homosexual has got two of his best friends together for a hot afternoon of threesome sucking and fucking. He sits on the couch, with one on either side and his arms around his buddies. He sits back in luxury as the horny cocksuckers go down on him, pushing each other out of the way in their rush to taste his cock. Everyone gets naked and takes a turn sucking everyone else's dick, and then the ass fucking begins. Everyone gets ass fucked as they take it in turns once again to penetrate each others' sphincters. The two friends splatter their buddy with their hot cumloads.

Gay Roommates Have Some Hot Anal Sex

Duration: 23m, 44s, Starring Chris Stone, Ricky Hanson

(87 Votes)

A good-looking young stud comes home one day to the sounds of furious masturbation and groaning coming from his roommate's room. He sneaks inside, seeing his equally attractive roommate tugging himself off on the bed. Never one to let a friend play alone, he joins him on the bed, and the studs go down on each other in a hot oral 69. One guy lies on his front, and his friend massages his buttocks before he sticks a finger into his ass hole. This turns into a hardcore butt fucking, and then the guy who is doing the fucking pulls out and cums on his friend's stomach. His buddy is left to jerk himself off while his friend watches.

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