Hot Homos Found An Outdoor Location To Make Cocks Cum

Duration: 16m, 14s, Starring Douglas Denver, John Sparks

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What started out as a peaceful hike turns into something far more exciting in this hardcore flick - don't miss this outdoor action or you'll never forgive yourself!

Face Fucking

Duration: 18m, 2s, Starring Brandon Winters, Glen Clancy

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This young couple can't resist one another and start to make out on the couch. Before you know it their pants are down around their ankles and they are face fucking one another!

Horny Guys William Grail And Jim Payne Fuck In The Woods

Duration: 20m, 59s, Starring Jim Payne, William Grail

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A hot looking stud with a big thick cock jerks off in the forest before finding a nice tight ass to fill with his cum. Don't miss a second of this butt fucking masterpiece!

Beatin' the Meat

Duration: 10m, 49s, Starring Mickey Blake

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This buff stud breaks into someone's house, intending to rob them - but soon gets distracted by the hot porno on the t.v. and ends up beating off instead!

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