Cowboy Video Store

Duration: 15m, 56s, Starring Tyler Douglas, Frazier Paxton

(12 Votes)

You won't believe the fucking incredible action these security cameras caught in this gay video store! From jerking off to blow jobs and even some hot ass fucking, it's all here!

Bangin' in the Bookstore

Duration: 16m, 5s, Starring Gene Rogers, Scott Girard, Buck Ford

(11 Votes)

This isn't just any ole bookstore, these guys spend as much time sucking cock, jerking off and butt fucking as they do ringing up sales - including an amazing threesome you don't want to miss!

The Shoplifter

Duration: 18m, 23s, Starring Buck Ford, Briar Terry

(8 Votes)

This cowboy has caught someone trying to steal a video - so he takes him in back to teach him a lesson that he won't soon forget - then once he's done with him he calls the cops!

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