Two Guys Getting It On In Locker Room

Duration: 16m, 34s, Starring Eric Lane, Mark Reynolds

(199 Votes)

After taking a swim, Eric and Mark hit the shower. They whack off a little bit while showering and then start wrestling around a bit before one starts giving the other one head. He takes this meaty member all the way down to the nuts. this dude knows good deepthroat and he makes sure that he shows it. Soon a little cocksucking is not enough and this guy bends over and gets fucked up the ass. This cock goes deep into his asshole and he is whacking it while he is pounded. Eric is flipped onto his back and fucked some more. he loves every inch of Mark's cock in his ass and they keep working it until Eric gets a cumshot to the stomach.

Muscle Bound Dudes Sucking & Fucking

Duration: 19m, 50s, Starring David Griffin, Josh Taylor

(80 Votes)

Two blond muscle studs are sunning themselves out by the pool when the curly haired guy decides he wants to fuck the other guy in the ass. To get his straight haired friend in the mood, he pulls his friend's cock out of his pants and starts to suck, making the other dude moan. Soon both beefcakes are working each others' fat pricks with their mouths and kissing. They get in the pool, and the straight haired bottom bares his ass cheeks for the curly haired, dominant top to enter. Mr curly hair pounds the other dude's ass like a maniac; at the climax of the scene, both guys jack off side by side and cum together.

Some Gay Action After A Workout

Duration: 20m, 3s, Starring David Griffin, Jesse Tyler

(167 Votes)

Jesse Tyler and David Griffin were hanging in the gym talking. Jesse was bummed because of some drama so David agreed to do a little private session and cheer Jesse up. The took turns blowing each other on the bench press then Jesse bent David over and drove his hard love missile right into David's ass. He grabbed his hips and pounded him hard. Jesse fucked him until he couldn't hold back any longer so he pulled out and shot a load all over David then reached down and jacked David off until he came all over himself. Exhausted, the guys hit the showers.

Hardcore Muscle Stud Seduced & Fucked

Duration: 19m, 5s, Starring Jesse Tyler, Tom Katt

(337 Votes)

A horny gay interviewer has his dream cum true when a muscle bound stud walks into his office, applying for a job. He can't believe how hot this guy is - amazing muscles, he looks almost like a Ken doll! He instructs the guy to strip off, which he gladly does, eager for the job, but the interviewer has only one thing on his mind - that big cock! He takes off his own clothes and presents his erect cock to the beefcake, who gets on his knees and sucks it down to the base, enjoying the taste of salty precum. The interviewer bends his victim over and fucks him hard in the ass, finally cumming on his butt while the beefcake jerks himself off.

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