Cocksucking Bear Rob Gets Sperm On His Neatly Trimmed Goatee

Duration: 54m, 16s, Starring Rob C, Shadow

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If you were to meet him in the street, you would think that chunky bear Rob was definitely a dominant alpha male. He doesn't look like the kind of guy that you would want to fuck with! However, in this movie we see him with his hands tied firmly behind his back, down on his knees - and submissively sucking on a cock! Masked dominating master Shadow is wearing a skintight and shiny PVC outfit from head to toe, along with his trademark mask. He looks threatening as fuck, and there's a look of delicious fear in Rob's eyes as he takes Shadow's dick in his mouth and deepthroats. It's not long before he's getting spermed on his goatee!

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