Hot Gay Groupsex At the Poolside

Duration: 23m, 43s, Starring Cody Viator, Tom Ransom, Vein Masters, Johnny Whitehorse

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Cody Viator, Ton Ransom, Vein Masters, and Johnny Whitehorse are all guys that you would watch even if they were just sitting in a corner and masturbating - but today they are going to go ahead and fuck all at once. The main theme of this gay porn scene is a saucy side by side group sex pairing that takes place poolside, although there is a threesome thrown in for good measure as well. There's almost more fat dick to handle with this great porn scene, and you're going to love just how wild these guys get at the pool.

Hot Gay Studs Fucking on Couch

Duration: 15m, 6s, Starring Morgan Allen, Robert Marc

(5 Votes)

Morgan Allen and Robert Marc know to take any opportunity that they can to leap into each other's arms and show off the depth of their passion. You see them starting the intense action off at the start, already mostly naked and ready for some fun. Robert can be very persuasive with that mouth of his, and he makes sure that Morgan is going to want his ass filled after he's done. Morgan does indeed want to take that thick and gorgeous cock up him, and the moaning that he makes when it starts is hardon inducing.

Thick Dick Adventurers Fucking in Jungle

Duration: 20m, 29s, Starring Johnny Whitehorse, Jimmie

(1 Vote)

Johnny Whitehorse and Jimmie are two thick bodied adventurers that find themselves in the middle of nowhere - and that's just the way they like it. There's no one around for miles, if at all, and they can really throw themselves into the intense passion that makes them want to just fuck all day and night. Their bodies are lean and gorgeous, with the perfect muscle tone to make you want to stare, and their cock sucking abilities are some of the best that I've ever watched - and once they start fucking they're going to blow you away.

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