Tender Twink Painfully Fucked In Kitchen

Duration: 23m, 24s, Starring Jason Welsh, Justine Rider

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You better not try and prepare any food in this degenerate kitchen! You never know what's been happening on these surfaces - perhaps some hardcore gay cocksucking, or maybe anal sex! These two hot young college guys can't keep their hands off each other, kissing as soon as they get in the front door. One guy gets lifted up onto the kitchen counter and has his ass hole licked before he gets roughly fucked in the butt. The guy doing the fucking is really vigorous and enthusiastic, plugging his buddy relentlessly, heedless of his cries and moans. There is a look of almost hatred in the bottom guy's eyes as he gets painfully sodomised.

Young Bucks Tonguing Each Others' Asses

Duration: 19m, 56s, Starring Hector Munoz, Steve Tuck

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When you're feeling horny, it's always good to have friends! This young stud can't think for the itching in his cock, so he gets on the phone and calls up one of his buddies who he knows is always keen to suck and fuck. The guys get naked in the living room and there is plenty of oral sex, with blow jobs both ways and even some hardcore ass rimming. Both of these guys obviously love to have their tongues buried in another guy's butt crack, and there is nothing left to the imagination as the camera zooms right in on the ass licking action. Then one dude takes a hardcore doggystyle butt reaming - he groans the whole way through!

Young Oral Guys Love To Suck Hard Cock

Duration: 23m, 14s, Starring Justine Rider, Sean Wood

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These young studs are fucking hot! At the beginning of this scene they are both sitting side by side on the couch, wearing extremely similar outfits consisting of baggy jeans and singlets. There is barely an ounce of spare fat on either of these guys and they have great toned bodies. There is a lot of mutual oral sex in this clip and they spend most of the video sucking each others' dicks. Whether it's one guy leaning back and enjoying the oral show, or both men participating in some sloppy deepthroat 69 action, the blowjobs really stand out in this video! There is also some anal at the end, followed by a couple of messy cumshots.

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