Sexy Ebony Twink Picked Up On The Corner

Duration: 27m, 54s, Starring

(168 Votes)

This hardcore shaven headed black gangsta is hanging out down on the corner when a good-looking young ebony twink walks past. A few words are spoken and then the gangsta takes the twink back to his home, ready to tear his ass up! The twink, a do rag wrapped around his head, gets down and dirty on the gangsta's cock, sucking it right down to the heavy black balls. Then the twink gets on top and rides the shaft, taking it all the way up his ass - there's no dick visible at the maximum extent of the penetration! At the end of the vid, the two sexy black men jack off over each other; the twink's flat stomach ends up covered with jism.

Cute Latin Guy Ass Fucked By A Black Man

Duration: 30m, 19s, Starring Jack Spade, Justin Blade

(500 Votes)

Tall and good looking ebony stud Justin Blade is cruising the streets when he comes across hot but shy Latino man Jack Spade. Jack looks bored - so Justin invites him back to his home for an afternoon of sexy fun! The black and Latino interracial couple head straight to the bedroom, but Jack has an attack of nerves. Justin gets him warmed up with a hot and sloppy cocksucking, using his ebony mouth on that sweet schlong like a pro. The oral goes both ways and then Jack, whose little Latino cock is now blazingly erect, is ready for a hard black cock in his ass. Justin really pounds him while Jack strokes himself off - it's super hardcore anal!

Tattooed Bad Boy Gets A Nasty Ass Fuck

Duration: 26m, 8s, Starring Orion Cross

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This tattooed white boy might seem like a bad boy to his friends, but really he is a sucker for black cock. He meets this good-looking black dude next to the basketball court, going back home to the guy's crib and immediately getting down on his knees and starting to suck. He groans as he is made to gag by this black thug, who is immensely thick and long. Then he gets butt fucked, first in doggy and then in missionary, face to face. It's rough and raw with little lubrication; he really gets hurt in his butthole but it just turns him on! The black dude cums right in his ass, leaving his white bitch to jerk himself off.

Shy Pizza Boy Takes A Big Black Cock

Duration: 33m, 41s, Starring Luke Cross

(1149 Votes)

This dominant and muscular black stud knows it's his lucky day when this submissive white pizza boy brings him his meal. He invites him in to share the pizza, but it is soon forgotten as the black stud pulls out his immensely large penis and presents it to the young cocksucker. He guides the nervous pizza delivery boy down towards his pole, watching in satisfaction as he takes his first gulp of black penis. Then he bends the young fella over and does him hard in the ass, making him squeal as his sphincter really gets stretched. He's never had it in the ass so hard, so deep or so rough - but it feels so God damn that he can't stop!

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